Susan Barcellona

Artistic Director | Hair and Makeup Specialist

Susan’s love for people and true desire to help them not only LOOK beautiful but to FEEL beautiful drives her towards her goal of providing excellent customer service for a truly great Salon experience. Hair, nail and skin care truly are an art form.

Susan’s 34 years of experience have lead her on a new journey, one of sharing her knowledge and educating salon owners, stylists and even clients. A journey she is enjoying immensely, and hoping to share with anyone who “Needs Beauty”.

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Candace Clark

Master Hair Artist | Makeup Artist

Candace just oozes with natural talent! She has been a stylist for over 8 years. The moment she decided to turn it into her career she has hit the grown runnin’! Candace is very focused and determined to provide service a cut above the rest!  Candace’s specialties include: her polished styling and personalized updos, balayge, ombre’.

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