Salon Bella Bella carries Eufora International hair care products and body cream exclusively.
Eufora International products are healing, healthy, people friendly, environmentally safe and innovative because they:
•    Are pharmaceutical grade Aloe Vera gel based;
•    Use essential plant extracts;
•    Use pure aromatherapy oils;
•    Contain no artificial colors or fragrances;
•    Contain little or no petro-chemicals derived ingredients (depending on product);
•    Have the lowest Volatile Organic (VO) rating for their aerosol products;
•    Contain only the ingredients necessary to make your hair look and feel beautiful.


Salon Bella Bella carries Physicians Choice of Arizona (PCA) products exclusively.

PCA products are made by Doctors to be the best products for a wide range of skin types and skin care needs. PCA products use chirally correct ingredients that are better absorbed and used by skin cells.

This skin care line will help your face look and feel more youthful. You will see a diminished look of fine lines, wrinkles, clearer skin, no acne.


Salon Bella Bella carries gloMinerals® makeup exclusively. gloMinerals® makeup is an all-natural make up line which is long lasting and helps keep moisture in the skin.